Students Council is a body of students to promote quality in students life within and outside the college. It is a support system for holistic development of the students and will work in liaison with the respective, centres/departments of the college and with SWO in particular. The student council will report to and will function under the general supervision of SWO. 


  • To inculcate among the students the vision and mission of the college.
  • To suggest and implement students projects for holistic development.
  • To identify, assess, evaluate and suggest the students perspectives in the development of Arts and Culture, Sports & Games and other co-curricular/extra curricular activities, including student participation
  • To identify and suggest methods of improving students life in general and student conduct and discipline in particular for student placement.
  • To asses and improve the potential for student placement.
  • To encourage and initiate inter disciplinary student projects.
  • To provide voluntary support to common activities of students in the college.
  • Any other activities towards enhancing the value of the Alma mata.


Student council will have members consisting students (Girl/Boy) chosen from each class. The selection will be of students of above average performance having good attendance and having extrovert skills and be done by the supervision of the class teacher, normally as a consensus representative of the class. Student council shall be constituted for every academic year.







Aneetta Vinobi

VIIth B Pharm

University Union Councillors

Abin Biju

IVth Pharm D

Pooja Shajan

VIIth B Pharm

General Secretary

Goutham Gopakumar

IIIrd  Pharm D

    Vice chairperson

Aan Mery Bosco

IVth Pharm D

     Vice chairperson

Beema Ummer

Vth B Pharm

Joint Secretary

Alan Shaijan

III rd B Pharm

Secretary  for Arts

Anas Muhammed Azad

IInd Pharm D

Editor of College Magazine

Prabin K

IIIrd B Pharm

Secretary for Sports

Tinil Tomy

Ist Pharm D

Lady representatives

Anita Alphonsa Binu

Ist B Pharm

Secretary for NSS

Merin Mariya Manoj

IIIrd B Pharm

Common reprehensive

Swapna Paul

IInd M Pharm

Secretary for journal club

Christy Sojan

Vth Pharm D


Rajagopal V

 I  B Pharm

Albin Saji

 III B Pharm

Jennifer Ann Joy

 V B Pharm

Akash Johnson

 VII B Pharm

Jofin Sabu

 I Pharm D

Edwin Sam

 II Pharm D

Shefin Sibi

 III Pharm D

Manu Eappen

 IV Pharm D

Joel George

V Pharm D