The role of the PAIC is to examine the adequacy of the nature, substance and effectiveness of academic activities and to ensure that the academic parameters are complying with all aspects of the quality, objective and values of the institution. In order to do this, the PAIC will have to first establish procedures and modalities to collect data and information on various aspects of institutional functioning.


  • To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
  • To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.


PAIC shall audit the mechanisms and procedures for

·  Ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks by periodical auditing.

  • Maintaining an open, transparent and trustworthy communication among the staff and departments.
  • Auditing the quality arrangements and their adherence.
  • Establishing the reporting methods and formalizing the communication processes.
  • Improving the structure of documentation.
  • Assuring compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.
  • Insuring  the optimization and adoption of modern and effective methods of teaching and learning.
  • Validating the evaluation processes.
  • Ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services.

Composition of the PAIC

PAIC is constituted under the guidance of the Head of the institution with heads of important academic and administrative units with teachers and a few distinguished educationists and representatives of local management.

The composition of the PAIC may be as follows:


  1. Chairman of PAIC: Head of the Institution (Principal).
  2. Members of PAIC
  1. Dr. S. Kuppuswamy(sr)
  2. Dr. Badmanaban Ramalingam(sr)
  3. Mrs. Deepa Jose (sr)
  4. Mr. Shaji George (sr)
  5. Mrs Flowerlet Mathew
  6. Mr. Prasanth B.
  7. Mr. Eby George
  8. Miss. Aleesha R.
  9. Mrs. Lins Mary Joy
  10. Dr. Preeja G. Pillai
  11. Dr. Manju Mariya Methews
  12. Mr. Prashanth Francis.
  13. Mr. Dhanish Joseph
  14. Mrs. Elizabeth N. Xavier
  15. Miss. Anu Sebastian
  16. Mr. Manu Jose
  17. Miss. Anusha Shaji
  18. Ms. Meby Susan Mathew
  19. Ms. Antriya Annie Tom
  20. Mr. Sebin Sebestian
  21. Mrs. Sini Baby
  22. Mrs. AnuJayamol Mathew
  23. Miss. Neha Maria Augustine
  24. miss. Nancy Jose
  25. Dr. Merin Joseph
  26. Miss. Elseena Sojo
  27. Miss. Sonia Ninan
  28. Miss. Ancy
  29. Miss. Dona
  30. Miss. Jisha Thomas
  31. 31. Mr. Jobin Kunjumon

3.   Management: Administrator- Rev. Fr. Jos Mathai Mailadiath

4.   Student Nominees: Jissa 

5.   Nominee from local society: Mrs. Githa Bhaskaran

6.   Student Alumni:  Dr. Fels Saju

7.  One nominee from stakeholders: Mr. Joseph John

8.  Director of the PAIC: Dr. Manju Mariya Methews

Membership of such nominated members shall be for a period of two years. The PAIC should meet at least once in every quarter. The quorum for the meeting shall be two-third of the total number of members. The agenda, minutes and Action Taken Reports are to be documented with official signatures and maintained electronically in a retrievable format.

The Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQAR):  The Annual Quality Assurance Reports (AQAR) may be the part of the Annual Report. The AQAR shall be approved by the Governing Council/Board for the follow up action for necessary quality enhancement measures.


  1. EXAMINATION CELL (Sessional exams, & University exams ):

Head of the committee: Mr. Shaji George

Coordinator: Mr. Sebin Sebastian, Mr. Dhanish Joseph, Mr.Prashanth, Mr. Manu, Mr. Jomet


  1. ACADEMIC REGULATORY COMMITTEE (Academic Planning, Syllabus review, time table, records, students assessment and record monitoring , course file and lab manual, Projects & Feedback, Academic planner and calendar News letter & Magazine, Handling of all inspections-PCI, KUHS, NBA etc)

Head of the committee: Mrs. Deepa Jose

Coordinator: Dr.Manju Maria Mathews, Mrs. Lins Mary Joy,  Mrs.Sini Baby,  Mrs. Anujayamol Mathew, Dr. Badmanaban R.,  Dr. Shyam Kumar, Sister Sunu,  Miss. Jisha Thomas, Mr.  Eby George, Miss. Vidya, Miss. Jeethu Joby, Miss. Neha Maria Augustin.

RESEARCH & FACULTY DEVELOPMENT CELL (Seminars, FDP, QIP, Publication, Presentations by students and teachers, IPA/ APTI activities, Industry, Government & College Interaction for promotion of Research)

Head of the committee: Dr. Preega G. pillai

Coordinator:  Dr. Manju Mariya Mathews, Miss. Elseena Jose,  Miss Aleesha R, Miss. Anu Sebastian, Miss Anusha, Dr. Prashanth Francis

4. LIBRARY COMMITTEE. (Requirement, maintenance and all library related issues.)

Head of the committee: Dr. Badmanaban Ramalingam.

Coordinator: Mr.  Eby George, Miss. Dona Maria Jetto, , Miss. Elseena Jose,    Mr. Sebin Sebastian ,  Mr. Bijoy Jose, Mrs. Liji.

5. TRAINING AND PLACEMENT CELL (Guest lectures, industrial visit, counselling, Carrier guidance, Student Recruitment records, Industry linkage, Handling of all inspections-PCI, KUHS, NBA etc).

Head of the committee: Mr.Prashanth B.

Coordinator: Mr.Fels, Miss. Neha Maria Augustin, Miss. Meby, Miss Vidya, Mr. Jobin.

6. STUDENT DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE (General discipline, grievance, attendance, Anti-ragging cell)

Head of the committee: Dr. Prashanth francis

Coordinator: Mrs. Elizabeth,   Mr.  Eby George,  Miss. Nancy.

7. COMMITTEE FOR CO-CURRICULAR AND EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (Cultural activities and days celebration, Sports & games, blood donation, Herbal garden, museum, website updation, social interaction, GPAT training)

Head of the committee: Mrs. Anu Jayamol Mathew

Coordinator: Mr. Mrs Antriya Annie Tom, Sr. Sunu, Mr. Abey George, Mrs. Anujayamol Mathew,  Mrs. Flowerlet  Mathew, Mrs. Deepa Jose, Mrs. Sini Baby, Miss. Dona.

8. STUDENTS/ STAFF WELFARE COMMITTEE ( Mentor-Mentee programme, Women cell, staff student grievance cell, Hostel facility review, Picnic, Alumni Association, Staff welfare, scholarship & Endowments, Staff & faculty appraisal)

Head of the committee: Mrs. Lins Mary Joy

Coordinator: Mr. Fels Saju, Mrs Antriya Annie Tom,  Dr. Deepa Jose, Mrs. Sini Baby, Mrs. Flowerlet   Mathew,  Miss. Jisha Thomas, Miss. Merin Joseph, Miss. Dona Maria Jetto, Miss.Jeethu Joby, Miss. Soniya Nainan   Miss.Salomi,  Miss.Jasmin.

9. FINANCE AND PURCHASE COMMITTEE (Requirement and utilization of fund, purchase and utilization of material)

Head of the committee: Administrator

Coordinator: Mr. Sebi Thomas,  Mr.Manu Jose, Dr. Shaji George, Mr. Jobin.

10. HOUSE/RECORD KEEPING COMMITTEE: (maintenance of premises and safe and organized storage of records)

Head of the committee: Mr. Dhanish Joseph

Coordinator: Mr. Gins Mathew, Mr.Manu Jose, Mrs. Elizabeth, Miss. Meby,  Mr. Sebi Thomas, Mr.Jomet., Mr.Vinse, Jolly, Mrs.Melby sunny, Lally George, Mrs. Aroonya, Mrs. Salomy, Mr. Jose, Mr. Cijo, Mr. Saloosh.


The role of the director of the PAIC is to ensure the effective functioning of all the committees by periodical auditing them. The director of the PAIC may be a senior academician who is entrusted with the PAIC as an additional responsibility. Secretarial assistance may be facilitated by the administration.

The director of the PAIC and the chairman will have a major role in implementing these functions. The PAIC may derive major support from the already existing units and mechanisms that contribute to the functions listed above. The operational features and functions discussed so far are broad-based to facilitate institutions towards academic excellence and institutions may adapt them to their specific needs.

Director will audit the committee which comes under the PAIC periodically.