M.Pharm-Pharmacy Practice


     A centre of excellence in the field of pharmacy practice education and research, and mould the students professionally competent and socially committed to cater the needs of pharmacy profession and society.


    To equip students with essential attributes to deal with various challenges of pharmaceutical care services .

    To foster principles and practices of pharmacy to empower graduates for social transformation and lifelong learning.


1. Possess extensive knowledge in various domains of pharmacy practice through continuous learning and collaboration with other healthcare team members, which enable them to meet the challenges of          society.

2. Ability to interpret and optimize the drug therapy of patients by formulating individualized treatment plan to ensure patient safety.

3. Have excellent professional skills in academic and research activities that enable them to provide better pharmaceutical care through outreach programmes.

4. Proficient to excel in Industry oriented activities such as clinical research, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and so on.