• The Department of Pharmacology was established in the year 2004. Since then it is catering to the needs of B Pharm, M.Pharm and Pharm D students.

• The department works forwards with an aim to be established as a research unit that may help the society with new innovations on drug therapy.

• The department is equipped with advance laboratory facilities and important latest machines.

• The department is supported by competent and dedicated staff. Who are involved in teaching Pharmacology for B.Pharm, M.Pharm and Pharm. D

• The Department has established the methods of screening of different phytopharmaceuticals and synthetic drugs on various experimental animal models.

• The Department fulfils the needs of the co-departments like pharmacognosy, Pharmacutics and pharmaceutical chemistry with regard to screening of drugs on experimental animals.

• The Department involved in Institutional Animal Ethical Committee for the purpose of control and supervision of experimental animals.

Vision & Mission

• To refine the knowledge of pharmacology through innovation and premiership in Pharmacology, healthcare practice and research.

• To develop as a leading pre-clinical research centre to cater the need of master programme of our institution and  neighbouring institutions, also the projects from industry.

• To help in producing the quality pharmacologist to meet the requirement of industry and research.

• To secure funds from the institutional and Government funding agencies for conducting the advanced research by initiating standard research projects.

• To perform consultancy project work with the well reputed industry and academic institute and to create Institute-Industry tie-up for the knowledge and technology transfer.


• Eminence and integrity in teaching and research.

• Promoting and rewarding critical thinking and continuous quality improvement.

• Productive engagement with peer, research & educational partners and community.

Publications by the department:

International: 19

National: 07

Cumulative impact factor : 12.638

SCOPUS/SCI Indexed: 11





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    Mrs. Emily James

    Associate Professor

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    Elayath ParvathyMurali


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    Maneesha Peter


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    Shamla V T




The department have two separate labs (one Human Anatomy and physiology lab and other for pharmacology lab) and CPCSEA approved animal house.

• Resources in the form of CD-ROMs, on line databases, audio video cassettes, ebooks, E- journals and e- standards are available.

• The lab is fitted with conventional & advanced equipments like:

▪ Digital Sherrington’s Kymograph machine with Perspex bath assembly.

▪ Actophotometer.

▪ Digital Rotarod Apparatus with computer attached.

▪ Cook’s Pole climbing apparatus.

▪ Analgesiometer (Eddy’s hot plate).

▪ Convulsiometer.

▪ Plethysmometer.

▪ Centrifuge.

▪ Software for simulated animal experiments.

▪ Trinocular microscope.

▪ Semi-Autoanalyzer from Erba, Germany

▪ Haemocytometer

▪ Haemoglobinometer

▪ Elevated plus maze apparatus.

▪ Radial Arm Maze.

▪ Y maze.

▪ T maze.

▪ Tail Suspension board.

▪ Physiograph.

Animal house

• The College has a CPCSEA recognized central animal house facility. The animals

are housed as per the standard guidelines.

• Well-equipped animal experimentation laboratories are situated adjacent to the

animal house. Experiments on mice, rats are routinely carried out with a prior

approval from the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).

Research Expertise:

• Toxicological Studies

• Antifertility studies

• Anticancer Activity

• Anti-Inflammatory Studies

• Diuretic Studies

• Anti-Diarrhoeal Studies

• Hepatoprotective Studies

• Anti-Diabetic Studies

• Immunomodulatory Studies

• Ulcer Protective Studies

• Neuroprotective Activity

• Neuro-psychological studies.

Thrust areas of research in this department include:

1) Neurosciences and neurodegenerative disorders

2) Herbal screening

3) Toxicological studies

4) Pharmacological & molecular studies on of

• natural products, herbal active constituents and small molecules in various

animal disease models of Cancer, diabetes, hypertension,

hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, peptic ulcer, fertility

5) Pharmacological Screening using bioassay procedures

6) Computer aided Learning

7) The department is advancing its research facilities to extend our service to industries

and other research organizations


The department is advancing its research facilities to extend our service to industries and

other research organizations in the areas of,

1) Cytotoxicity screening

✓ MTT assay

✓ Apoptotic assay

✓ Antimitotic activity

✓ Antiangiogenic activity

✓ Cell proliferation assay

✓ RNA isolation and reverse transcription

✓ Gene expression analysis (RT-PCR)

2) Anticancer studies (Invitro and invivo)

✓ Invivo induction of cell line tumors

✓ Evaluation of tumors

3) Antifertility

4) Antiinflammatory

5) Antidiabetic

6) Neuroprotectives and neurodegenerative disorders

7) Laboratory examination and estimation of blood using autoanalyzer (animals and


8) Docking studies

✓ Chemsketch

✓ PASS prediction


✓ Molecular docking with PyRx

9) Animal studies

10)Software uses 

    •    Sigma plot
    •    Graphpad prism
    •    Graphpad instat
    •     Ex-pharm