Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcomes


  • Pharmacy knowledge: To possess the knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and basic sciences.
  • Thinking abilities : To analyze and interpret data of pharmaceutical importance and come to a clear conclusion.
  • Planning abilities : To think, plan and execute systematically the task in a scheduled time frame.
  • Leadership skills : To develop coordination with multidisciplinary team members to be a socially responsible pharmacist.
  • Professional identity : An ability to design a pharmaceutical system or process to meet out situational needs of the society.
  • The Pharmacist and Society: Development of attitude to understand and solve society problems as a pharmacist.
  • Environment and sustainability: Ability to apply the knowledge gained from existing remedies towards finding the solution for environmental problems.
  • Ethics: Learning and honoring people as well as their contributions professionally.
  • Communication: Able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  • Modern tool usage: To demonstrate their skills to use modern pharmaceutical tools, software and equipments to analyze and solve problems.
  • Life long learning: Develops confidence and mind set for a continuous self education and ability to understand needs of people.


      ‚ÄčPEO1: Teaching and learning:Imparting in-depth knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences in conformity with academic regulations and encouraging students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, thus preparing students to face future professional challenges.

        PEO2: Preparation and moulding: Using modern technology and traditional methods, students are exposed to various plat forms for their overall development and of specific skills and are groomed to meet the expectations and requirements of stakeholders like prospective employers, professional bodies, parents and also prepare them for higher studies.

       PEO3: Evaluation and assessment: By procuring the feedback from beneficiaries of the programme including alumni, employers and parents, the worthiness of the programme is assessed in a systematic manner from time to time for future innovations and improvement.