The Department of Pharmacology was established in the year 2004. Since then it is catering to the needs of B Pharm and Pharm D students. The aim of the department is to established as a research unit that may serve as a center of research for all the departments within the institute and the to help the society by coming up with new innovations on drug therapy. The department is supported by competent and dedicated staff. The department of pharmacology consist the following facilities-

The department is well equipped with the advanced instruments like

1.      The department is well equipped with the advanced instruments like

2.      Sherrington’s Kymograph machine with Perspex bath assembly,

3.      Actophotometer,

4.      Rotarod Apparatus

5.      Cook’s Pole climbing apparatus,

6.      Analgesiometer (Eddy’s hot plate),

7.      Convulsiometer,

8.      Plethysmograph,

9.      Centrifuge

10.  Refrigerated Centrifuge

11.  Elsevier Software for simulated animal experiments

Thrust areas of the department

1.      Pharmacological Screening using bioassay procedures

2.      Computer aided Learning

3.      The department is advancing its research facilities to extend our service to  industries and other research organizations

The department has established a CPCSEA approved animal house that provides a platform to perform various preclinical studies. The students are actively involved in the curriculum associated research works. The department trains and motivates the students in animal handling and innovative research activities through training programs, seminars and workshops.


1.      Dr. Bharat Mishra M.Pharm, Ph.D, FICS

2.      Mrs. Preethimol Francis*

3.      Mr. Naveen KR*

*Pursuing Ph.D


Publications- 30


Research Paper presentations-10

FDP/SDP/QIP attended-07

Seminars attended & organized-37

Ongoing research works-02