To transform into a premier institution in the field of pharmaceutical education and to create professionally competent and socially responsible pharmacists. 


To impart pharmaceutical knowledge and inculcate strong ethical values to meet the challenges of pharmacy profession and expectations of the society.

Pharmaceutical Knowledge, M1: To produce qualified and competent pharmacists with high standards, through outcome and value based education.
Ethical Values, M2: To inculcate strong ethical values and good professional behaviour, so as to adapt and absorb emerging changes in the field of pharmacy profession
Societal Commitments, M3: To promote innovation oriented and problem based research capabilities in the young pharmacists to foster the progress of the society. 

Program Educational Objectives:  Graduates of Pharmacy Program 

PEO1: shall have in depth knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences, which enables them to meet the professional challenges. 

PEO2: shall have expertise on various domains and platforms, meeting the expectations of industry, academics and research. 

PEO3: shall have lifelong learning, along with professional ethics, good communication skills, entrepreneur and leadership skills, so that they can succeed in their life.