About Institute


We are Committed to accomplish the following aims:-

Enable students to -

  1. Pursue knowledge with an insatiable thirst:
  2. Discipline them to harness their energy for creative purposes;
  3. Make them physically and mentally fit and competent for career and
  4. Equip them to be self supportive in life



Nirmala, the pure one, is an attribute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the immaculate mother of Jesus Christ. The College is dedicated to Mother Nirmala. It is through her intersession we get all our success The emblem is a symbolic representation of what the college stands for. It consists of objects such as the heart, a star, an open book, the natural scenery viewed against the backdrop of the azure sky, a burning lamp, a chalice with a serpent, the medical emblem, the symbol Rx (Thou take in the name of God), and few vessels for making certain formulations. The end of education is not merely acquiring of knowledge, but perfection of the heart. Knowledge without character is dangerous; head without heart is worthless. The immaculate heart of Mary with burning love of the Infinite Good, is the pattern on which the students have to model their hearts. The star represents light from heaven, the divine spark illumining the pursuit of knowledge. The open book indicates the quest for knowledge and the consequence of intellectual formation. In short, education aims at developing the whole man-his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual life. The natural scenery of Kerala with lakes and mountains, hills and valleys reminds the students that before one launches out into the sea of life, he must be trained to steer clear of the violent waves and dangerous rocks. The wisdom and prudence necessary for a successful voyage is to be sought from above-the Lord Himself. The burning lamp is a sign of dedication and service to the mankind. The vessels and formulations are the weapons by which a pharmacist fights against diseases. Also he is a person competent enough to manufacture medicine for alleviating the sufferings of human beings. Serpent with the chalice denote that anything of natural origin (even the snake venom) can have medicinal value if consumed in proper dose as per proper directions. Branches of olive denote peace and harmony. Where there is peace, there is God. Hence the motto, To serve God and Mankind.


We took a path that is ever challenging
With determination and knowledge our guides
And the star of heavenly light illuminating
We will serve the humanity and the mankind.
chorus: We march.... hand in hand ,
We talk... heart to heart
strong in faith and excellence
We are nirmalites,We are nirmalites
Taking intrepid steps towards excellence
We save lives, and work for their betterment.
Uniting the head and heart on the steady trail
We create a pure world, free of suffering and pain
Chorus: We march..... hand in hand
we talk .........heart to heart
strong in faith and excellence
we are nirmalites,we are nirmalites,
we are nirmalites